AKB2 Recording Studios is a world-class recording studio designed to meet the needs of major label projects while remaining accessible and affordable to independent artists.
  • Talented Staff – Professional Engineering and Production services for projects of any scale.
  • Great Sound – An exceptionally well tuned live and control room.
The goal at AKB2 Recording Studios is to offer a creative environment, high-end equipment, and a skilled staff. You will get the kind of recording expected of any top Los Angeles recording studio.


When choosing a recording studio for your project, it is important to note the equipment that will be available to you. At AKB2 Recording Studios all of our gear and instruments are included in the rate. All of our equipment was selected to help produce the highest quality recording, and offer the flexibility to achieve a variety of different sounds. No other studio in Akron, Ohio or Mooresville, North Carolina can provide the level of equipment we have at the rates we offer.


AKB2 can accomodate just about any size recording. We work with rock bands, jazz ensembles, string sections, brass sections, big bands, gospel choirs, and everything in between. We are one of the best equipped recording studios, and we’ll make sure your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it.


If you already have your tracks recorded, but need everything brought together in a professional way, look no further. AKB2 Recordings experienced staff can take just about any level of recording, and polish it for a radio ready sound. We have all the equipment that many classic and modern hits have been mixed with, so you can feel confident that we have the experience and tools to make your track shine.


Our in-house production team, can provide a variety of services depending on your projects needs. We can create custom tracks from your ideas, or guide a band to the best possible performance. Projects big and small can benefit from our seasoned production team, and finally discover what it means to have a fully produced record.


Wherever your project is now, we can help bring it to the next level. We offer vocal tuning, drum alignment, drum sample replacement, and a variety of ways to help clean up and organize your recording sessions.



AKB2 Recording provides many different audio recording services, including commercial voice over, music recording, mixing, and mastering. All of our Recording Services start at $50 per hour. We believe a comfortable environment is essential to getting great performances, and it is important to us to not just listen to your music, but also listen to what you have to say. We care about your creative vision! We also offer package rates and payment plans to help you make recordings you are truly proud of.